The Work Rate: D.C. unemployment drops in September

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Unemployment Rate
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Ward 8 continues to have the highest unemployment rate in the District.

By Henry Kerali

The Washington, D.C., unemployment rate dropped to 8.7 percent in the month of September, a 0.1 percent decrease from August. Of the eight Wards in the District of Columbia, ward eight remains the most affected by joblessness with a rate of 21.9 percent. Meanwhile, ward three has the lowest unemployment rate at 2.2 percent.

In a report from the Department of Employment Services, preliminary numbers for the month of September show there was an increase of 7,600 jobs in the area bringing the overall total to 736,000 jobs. While the private sector gained 7,400 jobs, the public sector also increased by 200 jobs.

The D.C. unemployment figures for the month of October will be released by the Department of Labor on Nov. 20.


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