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The D.C. Labor FilmFest takes place at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, MD.

By Henry Kerali

The DC Labor FilmFest is under way in Silver Spring, MD.

The festival, organized by the Metropolitan Washington Council, is now in its twelfth year since its inception in 2001.

Chris Garlock, Union Cities coordinator at the Metropolitan Washington Council, is the director of the DC Labor Film Fest. For him, the festival is a chance to showcase films that typically portray people in the workplace. He said that not enough films depict the ordinary worker.

“For many workers, when they see a film, they don’t see themselves up there,” said Garlock. “Work is very rarely portrayed well in the movies – either you’re invisible completely or their portrayals are one-dimensional or not very interesting.”

This year’s festival in particular has a focus on public sector workers, with films such as “Burn” and “American Teacher” on show. And Garlock was keen to stress that the festival is not merely a labor union film festival, but a film festival in its own right.

“Our primary thing is we’re looking for films that are entertaining and that are very good – that you’ll come out to see,” he said. “It’s not a union labor film festival; it’s about work and workers.”

For more on this year’s festival, click on the link below. D.C. Work Rate’s Henry Kerali reports from the American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre.

(Photo and Soundcloud thumbnail picture courtesy of DC Labor FilmFest’s Facebook page.)